Chris Pedersen, Musical Director/Conductor
Todd Nichols, Assistant Conductor

August 26, 2018
Black Jack March
Till *
Folk Song Suite
Cielito Lindo (Beautiful Heaven)
I’m a Fool to Want You *
King Kong

Fred K. Huffer
Ernest Gold
Charles Danvers/Carl Sigman: Arr. Paul Nagle
R. Vaughan Williams
C. Fernandez
F.Sinatra/J.Wolf/J.Herron: Arr. Paul Nagle
James Newton Howard

Espirit De Corps
My Way *
“Sound Off” March
En Mi Viejo San Juan
The Magnificent Seven
Chicago Tribune
Train Ride from “Winter Holiday”
Man of La Mancha *
Delilah *
The Stars & and Stripes Forever

Robert Jager
Claude François/Paul Anka: Arr. Paul Nagle
John Philip Sousa
Noel Estrada: Arr. Paul Nagle
Elmer Bernstein
W. P. Chambers
Sergei Prokofieff
Mitch Leigh/Joe Darion
Les Reed/Barry Mason: Arr. Paul Nagle
John Philip Sousa

* Rick Bossman, Baritone:
Rick loves to sing and act and has been blessed with opportunities to do both since the distant days of high school. Rick's years as a performer have acquainted him with night clubs and churches, television and radio, William Shakespeare and Steven Sondheim. He has appeared in starring roles in many of the most popular musicals including Quixote/Cervantes in "Man of La Mancha", Lancelot and King Arthur in "Camelot", Jesus in "Godspell", and El Gallo in "The Fantasticks". Rick has been appearing with The Garden State Symphonic Band as a featured vocalist for more than twenty years Over the years Rick has established himself as our most popular vocalist and the one most requested by our audience!

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